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A 12 Step Guide to Future Financial Freedom

Financial freedom can sound like a pipe dream when you’re working hard, raising a family, and coping with everything life throws at you. However, no matter what stage your career or business is at, now is a great time to start thinking ahead to the future. Download this guide to help you plan for your…
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A Gift for you

‘ENOUGH? How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest Of Your Life?’ I am working with the author of this book and can send you a FREE copy, all I ask is you give me some feedback on the book. Request your copy here.  

Budget 2017 review

The Coffee Cup Budget (and muffin?) There was no major surprises in the Budget as it had been well leaked in advance. The attempts to ease the burden on middle-income tax payers are modest, but at least moving in the right direction, we can however have a coffee and muffin on the Minster for Finance. The…
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Free Personal Finance Guide to Download

Read our free Guide to Professional Financial Advice, Planning for your long-term future. Download your guide here

Beating the Tax man

The tax man, Iove him or hate him there is a way to beat him and hold on to some of your hard earned income. With all the talk of the upcoming budget do not forget about the tax deadline dates, you could still reduce your 2016 tax bill and/or get a tax refund! I…
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Motivational & Self Empowerment Talk

Imagine spending an evening with some of Ireland’s finest business leaders and achievers. It’s all possible at Hotel Kilkenny. Teamwork, dedication, commitment, honesty, humility, attention to detail and a deep passion for success which leaves no avenue unexplored – charac­teristics which provide the basis of any advancement.  The speakers will discuss their journeys and the…
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Divorce – How to deal with the stress and anxiety

When a relationship comes to an end it’s often a very traumatic experience, no matter how sensitive or dignified everyone tries to be. Any relationship breakup can be a testing time for all concerned. It’s not uncommon for one person to be more committed to the split than the other. That person can seem to be…
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How much do you REALLY need to retire & stay retired?

How much do you REALLY need to retire & stay retired?  I once heard retirement described as 500 holidays: if you retire at 65 and live for 20 years, that’s 7,305 days to fill. Break this up into two-week holidays and you have to plan for about 500. Now wouldn’t that be great …. Expectation…
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No pension left behind

Have you left a pension behind –  A very relevant topic (not very exciting granted) but it is interesting how history has repeated itself. I met with a father and his son recently. The farther was close to retirement and we were tracking down his UK pension benefits (funds) he had built up in the 1980/90’s…
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How to move from high income earner to millionaire!

Self made millionaire, it is possible for all of us whilst living rich and retiring rich. A recent survey looked at self made millionaires and found that are two types – those who took a ‘risk’ and those who displayed good ‘saving’ habits over time. Group 1 – Self made millionaire ‘Risk Takers’, are the…
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