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Our Financial Plan Services

Financial Planning & Guidance.

Our motto is to save you time & money, by offering a personalised service tailored to you, we will research the market for the best solutions and offer impartial, unbiased advise.

Our success is built on getting to know you. This first meeting is always at our expense with no obligation to help you decide whether we can add value to your future. At this meeting, we will discuss your existing circumstances, your future plans, and explain the service we offer.

Our aim is to give you vision to your finances and clarity to your dreams using a tried and tested process.

Getting Started

1. Getting to know you – Discovery Meeting

Let’s get Organised – We understand that most people aren’t always as financially organised as they could be. Often new clients arrive with a bag full of paperwork and unopened envelopes.  Our job is to help you get clarity on your current financial position so that you are able to make the next step in the financial planning process. The task of designing a Financial Plan to help you achieve your goals can only be completed when we understand your priorities.

2. Preparation of your Financial Life Plan

As part of our work with you, we gain a full and deep understanding of your financial situation today. This starts with understanding your family situation, your work and all aspects of your financial life so that we are clear about the starting point. We also gain a complete understanding of your current portfolio of existing financial products, gathering information from product providers as required. Your financial life plan will include the following: Income and Expenditure – both for your current situation and for the future. We will work with you on budgeting if required. Net Worth – We will calculate your net worth by looking at your assets and your liabilities. Cash flow forecasting – Preparation of your cash flow statement and modeling of different ‘what if’ scenarios to bring to life the information gained. Identify your attitude to risk – By helping you understand your attitude to investment risk and also your threshold for withstanding such risk so that we can identify solutions that are appropriate for you, as a result, you will make more informed decisions and will be more confident about your investment portfolio. Determination of suitable tax strategy – Using the detailed information we have for you we will recommend an appropriate tax strategy for you. The result Your plan will be delivered to you in simple and plain English. The aim of this stage is to recommend solutions that will help you manage your wealth better, protect yourself and your family against unforeseen events and achieve your retirement goals. Your plan will clearly identify financial objectives and goals in the short, medium and long term. All our advice and recommendations will be impartial and based on your particular situation. You will not be obligated to implement any of our recommendations.

3. Implement the solutions

If you’re happy to proceed, working together we can begin to implement your Financial Plan. Our job is to simplify the process and help you throughout. If a financial product is required, we research the market to identify the best product to meet your needs and then ensure that you receive the best terms possible. As part of this we consider important factors such as:
  1. Product features and benefits
  2. Product cost
  3. Choice and suitability of funds
  4. Investment performance record
  5. Provider financial strength
  6. Underwriting requirements of the provider
  7. Claims payment record of the provider
  8. Customer service capability of the provider

4. Ongoing monitoring and review – Realisation of your goals

Our Ongoing Review Service lets you track the progress of your plan and identify what if any adjustments are needed to ensure the realisation of your goals. This may include changes to your current lifestyle and future plans. We will review the impact of future legislation and taxation changes on your Financial Plan during your annual review meeting.

As a client you will receive the following: Annual review meeting – This is a face to face meeting where we undergo a review of your Financial Life Plan. We will discuss any changes to your circumstances that would affect your plan and make adjustments accordingly. We will revisit your life planning and the existing situation in detail.

Access to your adviser by phone or email – You will be able to access your adviser for advice and coaching throughout the year as and when required. However, we will be proactive with you if we feel there is something new you need to know or do.

Progress Report and Action Plan – After each annual review meeting you will receive a revised Financial Life Plan with a progress report for the last 12 months and an action plan for the next 12 months.

Wealth management – We will monitor and advise you on all aspects of your investment strategy to ensure you remain on track.

Online access to your information – You will be provided with a private login that you can use to access your information whenever you require it.

Newsletter – We also send you a copy of our quarterly newsletter to keep you informed on any useful developments in the personal financial services world.

We are there when needed most We will assist you with investment and pension maturities at appropriate times. These can be complex and involve paperwork and assessment of your options – we will be there to make the process simpler. Claims for protection policies (life cover, serious illness, and income protection) can be stressful but we can alleviate some of this stress for you or your family if this is ever needed.

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning”

Our mission

Review your current cover to save you money. We will review:

  • Existing mortgages
  • Deposit rates
  • Investments
  • Savings plan
  • Life and illness cover premiums
  • Pensions
  • Retirement options