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Category: Wealth Management

No pension left behind

Have you left a pension behind –  A very relevant topic (not very exciting granted) but it is interesting how history has repeated itself. I met with a father and his son recently. The farther was close to retirement and we were tracking down his UK pension benefits (funds) he had built up in the 1980/90’s…
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How to move from high income earner to millionaire!

Self made millionaire, it is possible for all of us whilst living rich and retiring rich. A recent survey looked at self made millionaires and found that are two types – those who took a ‘risk’ and those who displayed good ‘saving’ habits over time. Group 1 – Self made millionaire ‘Risk Takers’, are the…
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How to achieve your financial goals –

Great financial planning changes lives. We believe that everyone should enjoy life to the fullest for themselves and their family. Success at work and at life is a powerful thing, “you have one life so live it well”. Managing your money is hard. We are all busy and we all have multiple accounts to manage.…
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Investment advice on how to beat your neighbours, from the worlds greatest investor.

Warren Buffett is a genius, he’s also (wildly) rich with a personal net worth of $81.2 billion. He’s one of my life heroes & on top of this he has donated over $54 billion to charity. It’s said that Warren Buffett is the guy that everyone quotes but whose advice few follow. If he was your…
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Should I invest in a pension or property. Why not both?

How to invest your pension in property. Property and pensions are probably the two biggest investments you are likely to make in your life. So, what happens if you combine the two and invest your pension in a property? The good news is that it is possible via most types of pensions – personal, company,…
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